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INQUESTS: purpose and scope, preparation, procedure and conclusions

Inquests are always in the news but what is the purpose and scope of coroners’ inquests, what preparation is required if you are asked to attend, what is the procedure at the hearing and what are the likely conclusions?

Leslie Millin is a barrister who specialises in
inquests, personal injuries and employment
law. She has lectured extensively on all
three subjects and also regularly writes
articles. She was junior counsel in the case
of R (on the application of Goodson) v
Bedfordshire and Luton Coroner (Luton and
Dunstable Hospital NHS Trust, interested
party) which was one of the first judicial
reviews involving Article 2 Human Rights
Act 1998 and inquests.

She will explore the purpose and scope of
inquests beginning with whether the death
should be reported to the coroner, will look
at what preparation is required in advance
of an inquest, including whether a Pre
inquest review should be held (PIR),explain
the procedure at an inquest and discuss the
possible conclusions which were previously
described as the verdict.

Registration is free and open to students and
professionals and will be open soon.

Date: 15th October, 2020
Venue: Online Event (Zoom)