Past Events



The Balham Poisoner and the story of the Tea Cup Poisoner that changed Forensic Psychiatry

Speaker: Tim McInerny


Forensic Currency

Speaker: Paul Dainty


Experts: Who needs them?

Speaker: Louise Shorter


Alcohol, drugs and driving – Section 5A six years on

Speaker: Prof Atholl Johnston


Mental health in police custody

Speaker: Prof Andrew Forrester


Digital technology and crime in 2021; where are we now? 
Episode 3

Speaker: Mr Mark Stokes


Digital technology and crime in 2021; where are we now? 
Episode 2
Speaker: Professor Mischa Dohler




Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA): Do you see what I see?

Speaker: Jo Millington


What does the presence of GSR really mean?

Speaker: Angela Shaw


INQUESTS: purpose and scope, preparation, procedure and conclusions

Speaker: Leslie Millin


Joint BAFS - RSM Event: Clinical and Scientific Expert Witness Bias: Sources and Expression


The multiple personalities of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA): Investigation, Evaluation & Review
Speaker: Jo Millington

AGM & Ormrod Lecture 2019: Should Acute Behavioural Disturbance be considered a Public Health Problem?

Speaker: Dr Meng Aw-Yong

The role of plants, fungi and algae in environmental forensics

Speaker: Dr Mark Spencer

Friends Dinner 2019: How did forensic science help identify Richard III?

Speaker: Professor Sarah Hainsworth OBE


Friends' Dinner 2018
Speakers: Jonathan Goldberg QC & Prof Nigel Eastman

Lund Lecture 2018
Speakers: Prof Sir Normal Williams

RSM & BAFS joint event 2018

Dr Richard Shephard, Professor Peter Vanezis, Dr Curtis Offiah, Professor Peter Gill, Mr David Heming, Detective Inspector Mark Richards and Master Evan Bell


AGM & Friends Dinner 2017 

Speakers: James Hines QC and Dr Martin Hall


Forensic Investigation in Counter Terrorism

Speaker: Sharon Broome

The Lund Lecture 2016

Speaker: Professor Denise Syndercombe Court

AGM & Friends Dinner 2016

Speakers: Andrew Smith and Professor Nigel Eastman


Forensic Imaging: From Plates to Pixels

Speaker: Nick Marsh

Investigating sudden unexpected death

Speakers: Professor Richard Shepherd, Marta Cohen, Professor Robert Peckitt, Professor Mary Sheppard, Dr Safa Al-Sarraj, Professor Robert J. Flanagan, Dr Elijah Behr, Dr Jason Payne-James, Professor Robin Ferner, Dr Peter Dean

Ormrod Lecture 2015

Speaker: Professor Robert J. Flanagan

Science and the Courts. Human Identification, Migration and Trafficking

Speakers: Prof Robert J. Flanagan, HH Judge Jeremy Donne QC, Upper Tribunal Judge Mark Ockelton QC, Professor Cheryl Thomas, Mr Stuart Black, Mr Roger Baldwin, Dr Ann Priston, Mr Nick Marsh, Dr Denise Syndercombe Court, Professor Michael Kopelman, Dr Sarah Majid, Dr Sarah Chin, Dr Michael Korzinski

Blood Pattern Analysis

Speaker: Jo Millington


The Lund Lecture 2014

Speaker: Professor Bob Peckitt

Clozapine Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Speakers: Dr James MacCabe, Professor Robert Flanagan and Professor Christoph Hiemke


Speaker: Ken Butler


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Dr Roy Palmer and Prof Robert Flanagan

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